Acting With The Camera

Acting With The Camera Workshop - Los Angeles and Santa Barbara

Acting With The Camera

Acting With The Camera Workshop - Los Angeles and Santa Barbara


  • 10 Thursdays at 12 Noon, 10/5 – 12/14

  • Limit 8 actors

Actors acquire a thorough knowledge of the special nature of the filming process in order to create impact on camera. Exercises, monologues and scenes lead to mastery of the physical elements of film production and internalization of emotion needed for powerful on-camera behavior, including auditions. Students learn how to incorporate the lens as a friend and a witness to their emotional life.

The many topics covered include: Stage vs. Film, Frame Size: Close-up vs. Wide Shot, Camera Terms and Set Parlance, Vulnerability, Internalizing Stakes, Playing Against Emotion, Reaction Shots, Using the Lens, Combining Emotional Life and Technical Needs, Emotional Preparation, Shooting the Scene, Phones, Letters, Inserts and Props, Marks, Continuity, Editing, Auditions on Camera, etc. Most sessions will be recorded and reviewed.

While focusing on a number of technical aspects, actors are also expected to explore strong character choices, making sure performances are real, connected and truthful. Additionally, Individual tips on maximizing your own “look” will be offered.

A thorough introduction for the actor new to camera work, plus a great deal of new material for camera veterans. This is a vital class for those wishing to do consistently dynamic and surprising work on camera.

$550. total (or two installments of $275.)

10% Early Bird, Multi-class and Couples Discounts are available

Early Bird discount for current and former student ends 9/6 at midnight

Write to [email protected] or call

805.451.6789 to register, ask any questions

or to schedule an interview

N.B. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to complete the entire session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


"We believe that there are few people endowed with the special combination of creativity, intelligence and an intuitive grasp of human behavior displayed consistently by Peter in his work with us.”
Jo-ette Warren, Director
Park East Associates