More 'Outside-In'

More "Outside-In"

More 'Outside-In'

By Peter Frisch on Aug 22, 2018 at 10:43 PM in Acting Tidbits

We mostly associate Stanislavsky with internal life and emotional training, but this wise and disciplined master also understood the value of an Outside–In approach. In fact, one of the very first examples of an actor’s success in Stanislavsky’s An Actor Prepares is Kostya’s journey to the costume shop to get fitted for the old man’s overcoat. Until then, Kostya rehearsed and rehearsed but got nowhere with his aged character’s needs or emotional life. But once the old, heavy, smelly, patched and threadbare coat was on his shoulders, the character suddenly came alive inside of him. An outside stimulus caused a powerful internal response.

And if you needed more of an incentive to employ “outside-in” approaches, it’s also the fastest way to work!


"You are a shining example of everything a teacher should be; inspired and inspiring, positive, challenging, interested, supportive, unbelievably skilled, intelligent and talented at what you are teaching us, and maybe the most important thing, you seem to love it! We are all so fortunate to have you turn your light on us, sweep us up into your beam, and inspire and help us in all the ways that you do. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
Elizabeth Cross, Actress