Projections Adv. Beginner/Pro

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Projections Adv. Beginner/Pro

Advanced Beginner / Professional

Projections SB
  • 10 Thursday nights beginning June 25th (6:30-9 pm)
  • Limit 10 participants. $440. total (or 2 installments of $220.)
  • (10% “Early Bird,” Multi-class, and Couples Discount will apply)
  • Former Students Only: Register by 5/20 for 10% Discount!

The revolutionary approach to character emotional life employing the power of the actor’s imagination to create vibrant, lasting images and feelings. These images and feelings support, enliven and deepen character choices. You experience the character’s experiences. Never lie again! Creates powerful, compelling performances.

Projections employ the “alpha” level of consciousness to tap the deepest sources of creativity and the imagination. Vivid emotional “memories” are created during the deep meditational state of alpha. The richly detailed fantasies become the character’s autobiography. When in character, the actor feels as if these projected experiences really happened, therefore, there is no lying and no pushing for reality in performance – character history, circumstances and needs simply exist!

The final two weeks of class are improvised interviews with the developed characters so actors can feel how radically different it is to perform with the palpable and powerful support of the character’s emotional life.

The craft of projections was been developed over a forty-year period and is especially vital for camera work, where acting has to appear natural and unforced in close-up. Projections replaces problematic emotional homework systems as ”substitution,” “emotional recall,” and the written character biography.

Projections – Actor’s React:

“It is an amazing acting tool, it makes ideas so real, that they are a part of your memory for your character. It is like no other acting tool. No actor should be without this ability to make your imagination SO REAL."

-Craig Scott

“The experience that Peter facilitated for all of us became a foundation for my acting and personal growth in a very profound way. It taught me a completely new way of embodying and accessing my character's psyche by utilizing resources of the unconsciousness. It was magical and quite revolutionary.”

-Olga Yahontova

"Projections is an incredible technique that enabled me to connect a character to an emotional life that I was unable to do with any other technique! This works and will bring you to a richer, deeper level!"

-Greg Sorenson

“Projections it is the most valuable technique that I have learned in regard to creation of a character. I found the class experience amazing--not just for myself but also observing what others accomplished. I continue to use the projections process, and find that there is a sense of reality, of depth that one cannot achieve any other way.”

-Julie Allen

N.B. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to commit to the entire session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


"An exceptional man of the theatre. The range of his work is enviable and those with whom he has worked and his achievements speak for themselves. He has demonstrated the highest qualities of direction and producing . He has won the respect of my students for whom the collaboration he led was an unmitigated triumph. He shows the key quality of a modern teacher and artist: the capacity to understand the needs of others, motivate and inspire them and bring a team, working in harmony and to the highest standards, to fruitful and acclaimed success."
Ian Brown, Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Queen Margaret University, Scotland