Comedy Scenes

Shapeshifting: The Flexible Actor

Comedy Scenes


Shapeshifting: The Flexible Actor
  • Winter: 8 Thursday Nights beginning January 21st 6:30-9:30 pm
    • Winter, $440.00 total (or 2 monthly installments of $220.00)
  • Spring: 8 Thursday Nights beginning March 23rd 6:30-9:30 pm
    • Spring, $440.00 total (or 2 monthly installments of $220.00)
  • (10% “Early Bird,” Multi-class, and Couples Discounts are available

“Comedy’s hard. With drama you have a responsibility to emotional truth, but with comedy you have emotional truth and you have technique on top of it” says my former student Julianne Moore. This class features training and practice in both emotional truth and technique.

Yes, you can get laughs and still create strong, organic characterizations: In this class we commit to extreme needs, circumstances, obstacles and choices, and devote ourselves to making them all real. Indulge in and dive into to the absurdity of scripted comedic material and make it your own. No fear!

Choices must be based in a clear reality, maybe an offbeat, distorted and absurd reality, but a believable one nonetheless. It’s all about high stakes involving desperation and the unpredictable, including complete belief in those stakes.

In addition to the above principles which define our work in the class, we cover many aspects of comedy including comedy confidence, physical and vocal control and flexibility, comic reversals, comic timing, silence and rhythm, tempo and musicality, word emphasis, the rule of threes, set-up, pay-off, reaction, status surprises, acceptable abuse, awkward situations, and other classic devices.

And while we are dead serious about the craft, you can definitely expect a lively, fun atmosphere! Limit 12 participants.

Please direct all questions and registration to [email protected] or simply call 805.451.6789.

NB. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to commit to the entire summer session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


“I have observed your passion, your love, and, your ideals for the working craft of acting for actors. Your untiring commitment is inspiring.”
Kent Inasy, Actor