The Self-Recorded Audition

The Craft of Auditioning on Camera

The Self-Recorded Audition


The Craft of Auditioning on Camera

    (including the Zoom Callback!)

    • Winter: 8 Tuesday Nights beginning January 19th 6:30-9:30 pm
    • $440.00 total or 2 installments of $220.00
    • 10% “Early Bird,” Multi-class, and Couples Discounts are available

    During and after Covid, it is vital to master the self-recorded audition (there is no more tape!). These types of auditions will be crucial for film and television for years to come.

    Of course, this class is not simply about the dos and don’ts of recording in your audition, but creating job-getting performances as well - delivering an audition package that grabs attention immediately, maintains impact, and contains surprises throughout. Along with organic work, the Self-Recorded Audition emphasizes numerous approaches and “tricks” and that will allow you to stand out from the pack.

    Topics covered include emotional preparation, script analysis, using the reader, effective framing and focus points, transitions and structure, risking and confidence, the slate, frame size, vulnerability, the invisible partner, and of course, technical considerations. We will also cover the now popular Zoom callback with adjustments for maximum impact.

    Each week (beginning in week three) you will be given a selection of sides to shoot and share with your online class. You will get weekly feedback and notes to keep you moving forward, gaining the confidence and knowledge needed to nail it when it counts. Limit 12 participants.

    Please direct all questions and registration to [email protected] or simply call 805.451.6789.

    NB. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to commit to the entire summer session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


    “The experience that Peter facilitated for all of us became a foundation for my acting and personal growth in a very profound way. It was magical and quite revolutionary, and having worked with Peter in many other classes since then, I am not surprised any more. Everything that Peter does has a touch of magic and I am profoundly grateful for having the privilege to experience it."
    Olga Yahontova, Actress