The Breakthrough Class

The Breakthrough Class

The Breakthrough Class


The Breakthrough Class The Frisch Approach Los Angeles Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara - 14 Sunday nights
Beginning January 27

The underlying premise of this is that each actor needs to come fresh to material and explore freely, finding what is true and real in each character without being influenced by their own personal habit patterns and prejudices. To help achieve this goal, this transformational class features a four-part sequence:

First, testing of individual propensities and limitations is applied to determine the unconscious but very real habit patterns of each individual.

Second, characters are formed from the actor's personal physical, vocal and emotional habits to represent portrayals of their typical behavioral habit patterns. Awareness of patterns is the first step.

Then new characters are derived from directly opposing patterns revealing rarely chosen physical, vocal and emotional possibilities, choices that each actor rarely, if ever, makes.

Finally, follow-up assignments and explorations encourage the new behaviors leading to freer instrument life, wider dramatic range, and a far greater ability to understand text and create character.

  • Limit 12 participants
  • Fourteen week session
  • $175 per month (or 3 installments of $200)

N.B. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to commit to the entire session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


“I want to express my immense appreciation and gratitude for all you have taught me, and I hope to continue to work with you. Your input means the world to me . . . you above all have taught me the most, and allowed me to trust what I am capable of, and pushed me to do things I was scared to do! Thank you!”
Rani Apodaca, Actress