Expanding Range and Depth

Expanding Range and Depth

Expanding Range and Depth

Expanding Range and Depth The Frisch Approach

Intermediate-Professional – Santa Barbara

  • 13 Sunday nights, 9/22 – 12/15

  • Limit 12 participants. $600 total, or 3 monthly installments $200.

Individual programs are designed to help participants break through habits, propensities and limitations in order to achieve maximum range, freedom, depth and power. Organic transformation to character and emotional depth and intensity will be emphasized.

Individual interviews take place prior to the start of the class to mutually determine the needs, goals and programs for each actor during the term. The programs will center on either expanding the acting range or deepening the intensity and capacity of emotional commitment. Then follow-up assignments including improvisations, explorations, scenes and monologues will be specially tailored to the needs of each actor.

The chosen program will lead to a freer physical and vocal life, solidify aspects of craft, and develop a wider and deeper dramatic (and comic!) range.

N.B. All courses progress in a logical and consecutive sequence. Furthermore, students are frequently turned away once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For these reasons, students who begin the session agree to commit to the entire session and are, therefore, financially responsible for that session.


"He taught more than any other teacher I had . . . is responsible for creating the kind of actor I am today. He taught me how to truly take risks in my work, invest authentically in my characters, and expect nothing but professionalism from myself and my colleagues. Peter’s standards were high and exacting, and as a student, I was thrilled to be held to them. It was the first time I had been treated like an actor, not just as a student. The method that Peter taught is still one that I use today – he gave me the tools to access, emotionally and intellectually, very dense material. He allowed me to see that with every character, every piece there is always a way that is deeper and truer than you first imagine.”
Julianne Moore, Actress